Naylor note


2 Thess. 1:11-12
Series: THRIVE: Until He Arrives

From Daniel Baker: Hey Walnut Grove Family, at this time nobody has chosen to ride on the church van, so we will not take the church van.  I will be at the stadium at 5:45.  I will have our tickets waiting for you.  I will be near the gate entrance.  Remember to show up early because we are presenting the colors on the field during our National Anthem.  We will need to meet behind section 110 at the info booth at 6pm sharp.  Pray for good weather and for those that are in the path of Alberto.  If we are rained out your tickets will be good for a different game.  

Church Cleanup Day this Saturday 8 am at Parkside only due to conflicting scheduling at W.G. Highland Lick Rd. 

Below is a list of what we have heard needed to be done. This list will be posted at Parkside. 

General Cleaning is the main priority. If you have a push broom, vacuum, cleaning rags, or any cleaning supplies please bring those.
Children's Ministry will begin at 10 am to work on Children's wing. Please see Emily Driskill before starting to get a detailed list. 

Please do not clean out these areas: Back left storage room in Sanctuary, Sound Booth, Upstairs lookout room, Upstairs rooms that are taped off. 

The Transition team is still in the process of assigning rooms for Sunday School space. An update on last Wednesday nights meeting will be given as they continue to meet weekly. 





Remove green curtains in sanctuary (these will need to be put back on the back of the stage. See Jeff Manley)


Weed-eating around the building


Fix Upstairs Toilet Tank in Men’s Room


Grade Parking Lot


Fix Downstairs Toilet in Men’s room (far back stall)


Mow Along Driveway


Clean out icemaker


Take Down Crossland Signs


Fix Water Fountain


Power wash playground equipment & outdoor furniture


Organize storage room (the one with the bathroom needs cleaning out to make space for Sunday School)

Pull weeds on playground and parking lot


Kitchen: Check dates on food. Throw away any expired items. (any food that is not needed the Life Choice Pregnancy Center would gladly take and disperse to needy families)


Put toppers back on poles around the fenced playground area


General Cleaning: Sweep, Dust, Mop


Spray weed killer at the playground, parking lot and around the building.


a.       After cleaning of Sanctuary put out all pews from the downstairs rooms where they are being stored.




Dust above ductwork in Sanctuary




 Remove items in the hallway by the front door (find a home for these resources and other items) 







Have a blessed day, 


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