naylor note/early fri edition


It is a day of praise! We are closing on Parkside today!!!


2 Thessalonians 1:5-10
Series: Thrive: Until He Arrives

From Daniel Baker: I am so excited Walnut Grove Family! I ordered 35 tickets for the Hot Rods game but you wanted more. We now have 51 tickets ordered and I only have 3 left. But don't worry, I can get more if you need more. Just let me know. Daniel Baker 270 221 5236. Go Hot Rods! We are presenting our nations colors at the baseball game.  to do this we will need to meet at the info booth inside the stadium, right behind section 110.  I plan to be at the stadium at 5:45 to hand out your tickets to 
Church Cleanup at Parkside only will be June 2. Below is a list of jobs to be done at our current location on an individual basis. Please let Calvin or Heather know if you will take on a job so we can check it off the list. If you have any questions regarding the task please contact Phillip Sowell. Before cleaning please check church calendar to see if there are reservations for events. As of today the B.O.B. is reserved June 2, June 9, July 14. VBS will be June 9 (for decorating) – June 15.

Contact Phillip Sowell for any questions

June 2018  


WHO will complete task?


Repair Play Ground (supplies provided, you just need to bring tools)

Paint Posts on breezeway (supplies provided)

Paint outside metal stairs (supplies provided)

Clean Mechanical Rooms

Clean A.C. Filters in mechanical rooms

Clean our Refrigerator

Kitchen Committee

Clean & Organize kitchen draws & cabinets

Kitchen Committee

Clean window sills in auditorium

Repair Song Book Racks

Remove Storm Door from Youth Room





Happy Memorial Day,


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