Reading for Revival – Nehemiah 8

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Sermon Notes

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We Have _________________ For the Word.

  1. We Will Be In An ___________for the Word (Nehemiah 8:1-2).
  2. We Will Be _________________to the Word (Nehemiah 8:3).

 We Have _________________ To The Word.

  1. We React With _________________ (Nehemiah 8:4-5).
  2. We React With _________________(Nehemiah 8:6).

 We Have _________________of the Word.

  1. We Need _____________With Smaller Groups (Nehemiah 8:7).
  2. We Need _______________In Smaller Groups (Nehemiah 8:8).

 We Have_________________Because Of the Word.

  1. We Need To Celebrate ________________(Nehemiah 8:9-10).
  2. We Need To Celebrate________________(Nehemiah 8:11-12).